Here Are 6 Tips To Help you Prepare Well For JEE 2018

Preparing for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is no cakewalk. It requires extensive dedication and determination to stay true to the goal of cracking the JEE. It goes without saying that students put in months of effort and sleepless nights to complete the huge syllabus.

Tips To Prepare for JEE 2018
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1. Create and maintain a daily agenda

Setting up a proper schedule will help you to focus on time management. Allot a specific time frame to a specific subject and make this a daily habit. Select few topics and try to finish them by the end of the week and give time for revision. Do not leave things for the last minute. This will increase your stress and that is something you don't want. Solve relevant papers every day.

2. Be acquainted with your syllabus

Before you start your preparation, make sure you are well versed with the syllabus. It will make you aware of unknown but relevant topics. This will help you prioritize your work. Cover all the chapters as per the importance of the topics after comparing previous year's question papers.

3. Try to clear your concepts

You should devote extensive time clearing your concepts, remembering and understanding the concepts will make problem-solving much easier. Once your concepts are clear start solving problems, this will help you to obtain fair marks and rank in the JEE exam.

4. Marks distribution among the subjects

The JEE examinations comprise of 3 subjects (Maths, Chemistry, Physics) It is important to know the weight of topics of each subject so that you can start with topics holding more weight first and then proceed to the ones with less weight of marks. Knowing Exam Pattern of JEE Main 2018 is very important before preparing for the exam to know it better.

5. Make proper notes

As the syllabus is so huge that it is not possible to keep everything in mind. You should keep writing the important points, the formulas and equations and go through them at least twice a day. Make the summary of each important portion of the syllabus and keep it for the last minute preparations. Start solving previous years' question papers on a regular basis, noting your scores, and checking out whether you are showing a progressive improvement or not.

6. Stay calm, and don't ignore your health

Stressing out will only keep you away from your goal. If you follow a proper map there shouldn't be a reason for stress. Try utilizing time in an effective manner so that you don't have to regret during JEE exam. Make your schedule in such a manner that you get sufficient time to sleep. Dedicate a major chunk of your time to studying, and plan other activities wisely. It is essential that you get ample time to sleep -a fresh and healthy brain works much better than a tired one.

To crack JEE, all you need is focus, determination and self-belief. Remember to keep calm and have a positive attitude, which will prove to be an asset in the gruelling.

Preparation for the competitive exams. With zeal and drive to achieve, acing JEE will prove to be an attainable task.

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