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With the digital age taking over our lives, most of our activities are also being controlled and surrounded by it. Social media not only offers us a platform to connect with diverse people, it also teaches new things and helps optimise self-expression. But as with most human interactions, we have to be careful and considerate about what we are communicating through our profile. There are certain boundaries that need to be set so that you do not hurt the feelings of a friend or a follower. No, we don't mean that you should stop expressing your opinions, but there are different ways to do so, you just need to push your thoughts a little. In keeping with this, we have rounded up some rules, we think, one must consider following from now on while posting on social media.

Quit pretending to be someone you're not

There is no point in putting your pseudo-self forward or just posting on a topic because it is trending.

Don't post/share things you wouldn't like

Please be considerate about your friends and followers. Take a moment and think whether you'd like to see such a status/photo on your own timeline and then hit the post button. This counts in expressing personal opinions too, think of all those times when you read a status and said, "But why do I need to know this?"

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Ask yourself this question before posting:

"Can it go as a private message or so I need to post it to all?"

Use the DM (Direct Message) option:

If you are angry or irritated by a person, just tell it to them directly in a message or face-to-face (in case it's a friend or family). Why to create all the fuss with a status and let others know.

Disagree politely, don't get into arguments

Social media is a great source of exchanging views on current affairs but please do not get into an argument. And in case you do, try putting forth your argument in a polite way. Don't stoop to a low level to win it, you can always calm down and use your brains..

If you are reposting a write-up/photo, link the original source

Don't take credit for what is not yours. Many people love to post their pictures and express their feelings with beautiful quotes. That's totally acceptable. But posting someone else's words/works in your name can land you in serious trouble (sometimes legal too).

Ask for permission before posting pictures of someone else

Not many like posting their pictures on social media platform, so you must ask before posting a person's snaps. Especially if they are not the usual smiling ones, but rather funny.




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