What is Hotel Management Course & is it For You?

February, 2020

Opulent hotels, grand cruises and everything classy! Hotel industry seems all about the glamour and luxury.

Careers after 12th Science from Junior College in Thane - What is Hotel Management Course & is it For You?
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But is it the same when you’re working behind the scenes?

The hotel industry is one of the most popular careers not only in India but all over the world. Today, we take a deep dive into this profession and find out what is hotel management course and is it for you?

What is Hotel Management?

Hotel management is a part of the hospitality sector which is responsible for providing boarding and lodging services to guests.

Hotels are generally rated out of 5 stars depending upon the facilities and luxuries they offer. Hotel management is the study of operating such properties without any discrepancies. A typical 5-star property generally has 4 core departments.

Front office (Reception), Housekeeping, F & B services and Kitchen are the 4 core departments in a 5-star property. In a hotel management course, students are taught the operations of each department and how they work in harmony with each other.

After completing the hotel management course, students can then decide which department they wish to work for.

What does a hotelier do?

Hoteliers are deployed in all the departments of a hotel. From housekeeping to the kitchen, each hotelier plays a different role to ensure a smooth operation of the hotel.

From greeting guests in the lobby, serving them food and beverages in restaurants, to keeping the guest rooms clean and tidy, hoteliers are responsible for every aspect of a hotel.

Why build a career in Hotel Management?

The hotel industry is growing exponentially in India, which adds more and more opportunities for the people working in it.

This exponential growth in the hotel industry not only opens more tourism in the country but more working opportunities in the hotels for the future.

Scope of hotel management

As a hotelier, you can work in the following:

  • Front Office

  • Housekeeping

  • F&B

  • Kitchen

  • Marketing

  • Finance

  • Purchase

As a hotelier, you can start your career in either of the 4 departments.

The front office primarily deals with guests and check-ins.
Housekeeping deals in the cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel.
F & B is the department which takes care of service of food and beverages.
Kitchen is the department where the food is prepared.

Demand for hoteliers

According to Statista, the market size of hotel industry in India has grown from $7 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $13 billion by 2020.

This open doors for people who want to join the hotel industry. A growing industry will always have opportunities for employment as well as growth.

Pros and cons of a career in Hotel Management

Pros Cons
A clear career path Really long working hours
Interaction with people from all over the globe Lots of physical labour
Not a monotonous desk job No festive holidays
Learning opportunities Work may get stressful

Hotels as much as they look glamorous from the outside, they’re not for people who are working behind the scenes. It has long working hours, break shifts, physical work and no weekends off. You don’t even get offs on major holidays like Diwali, Christmas etc. because that’s when the hotels are packed the most.

If you’re willing to sacrifice the holidays and are ready for physical intensive labour, long working hours, then you should consider getting into the hotel industry.

Working in hotels can be fun as you’re not working at a desk, you interact with guests (if you’re in service or front office), you get to learn about the industry and every day is a new challenge.

Qualification required for Hotel Management

To get into the hotel industry, you need a bachelor’s, BSc or BA degree in hotel management. These hotel management courses are offered by several universities and colleges throughout India.

On completion of this course, you can interview for any 5-star property or even try for airlines, railways, health care and more.

BHM Food production, Bakery, F&B, Housekeeping, Facility Planning, Front Office etc.
BHMCT Nutrition, Front Office, Food Production, Housekeeping, Communication etc.
Bsc in HHM Food Production, Front Office, Bakery, Housekeeping, Communication etc.



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