Six Tips To Memorize Faster

November, 2018

The sedentary lifestyle we are leading is not only making our bodies lethargic but also making our minds feeble and sluggish. Walking up to a colleague and forgetting what we need, or forgetting the names of people we know closely are but a few scenarios that almost all of us encounter in our day to day life.

Sharp mind plays an important role, not only at work but to perform household chores as well. Asper Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, founder of Center for Brain Health shares, "Neglecting your cognitive health and allowing your brain to lose its mental edge with routine [life activities] rather than innovative thinking has unnecessary and deleterious economic, social and personal ramifications."

Best Study Techniques For Memorization
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Here We Bring To You A Few Powerful Tips That Will Boost Your Memory And Make Your Mind Sharp:

Pen Down

This has been proven as the most efficient way to memorise things. According to the scientists, people who have the habit to write down, do much better in life than people who prefer to type. Writing harnesses large parts of the brain associated with language and memory. So, take out time, write and make your mind sharp

Break Time

If you are one of those who eat your meal at your desk while staring at the computer screens, then discontinue this habit. Taking a break helps in memory consolidation and retention. Even a five minute break helps in relaxing your mind and you get the ability to recall information easily.

Break The Information

Breaking the information in parts helps in remembering it. Make small groups of information you want to retain, like bank account numbers, important telephone numbers, and then you will remember them more vivdly.

Memory Room

Practice creating a memory room in your mind. This way you can remember everything. Create a house in your mind and try to place things and information in that house.

Focus On One Thing At A Time

Research shows that our minds are not meant for multitasking. When we multitask, we cannot concentrate on one activity fully and our mind remains distracted. Focus on one thing at a time.

An Emotional Bonding

Scientists say you are able to recall better when you make an emotional bonding with others. This helps in creating stronger memories and sharp minds.

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