Pre - Primary section - Guru Purnima

IIGurur Brahmha gurur vishnu II IIgurur devo maheshwara II 🙏🙏 🌹

The term ‘Guru’ derives its meaning from the combination of two Sanskrit words ‘GU’ meaning darkness and ‘RU’ meaning a person who eliminates darkness.

Guru is the one who removes the darkness of ignorance and fills the mind with the light of knowledge.

Guru is the torch that leads you through glorious path of light and wisdom.

On the occasion of Guru Pournima on 23rd July 2021 we at Saraswati Vidyalaya Pre-primary section celebrated Virtual Guru Pournima!

With this celebration we intend to imprint on the minds of these young ones that this festival is a salute and respect to our Gurus.

The teachers along with the tacit cooperation of parents conducted fun activities like palm printing, finger printing on paper, slate & leaf. Competitions like dress up as Guru, Card making and Shloka recitation competition were also conducted. Our children thouroughly enjoyed all the activities along with their parents and teachers.

Here is a clip with glimpses of all the activities.

Updated on - August 2021