Pre - Primary section - GopalKala

*Krishna Janmashtami* is the festival that celebrates the birth of *Lord Krishna.*

This day signifies the *victory of good over evil.* The ritual of breaking the pot of curd represents Lord Krishna's childhood days when he would try all sorts of creative ideas in his pursuit of seeking curd and butter

The pre-primary section of S. V. P. T's Saraswati Vidyalaya celebrated online *'Matki Phodo'* on the eve of Janmashtami Our tiny tots were dressed as *Radha, Krishna and Govinda* to give a traditional touch to the entire celebration.

The kids danced with gay abandon to the beats of popular songs. Besides decorating the curd pot, kids also made and decorated the *'Krishna Mukut' (crown)* The celebration.was not only entertaining but also educative and enriching.

This experience taught the children to take pride in their traditions and culture.

*A big thank you to our parents for their support.*

Updated on - October 2021